Every client brings a unique perspective to their event. A detail from childhood, a special location. These details inform the ambience of your event, and we want to understand what makes them special to you.



We think about the way the flowers interact with their environment: how guests move around them, the color of the tablecloths, the way the room will be laid out. Understanding the details helps our team build the most beautiful, intuitive work.



We work with some incredibly talented and dedicated farmers, and it is their bounty and curiosity that keeps Serpent’s work unique and in tune with the changing seasons. We take pride in showing our clients the best of the season, and educating our clients as to the process of growth, harvest, and end-product.



We strive to create complete environments when we take on a project. From lighting, to sourcing additional props, to hand-dying linens in our backyard: we take every aspect of your event design to heart.