hi - this is a blog. i've started lots and finished none. in uni i was really into food blogging and thought i might be a food writer in the end. turns out i like eating more than i like thinking about eating. additionally: i have realized there is no end THERE IS ONLY DEATH so there's that. i find that really comforting, actually. like i'll just do stuff and figure various things out and then i'll die. #yolo. 

currently, i am trying to figure out how to run a business. flowers. they are tough, because they don't last long, but that is ultimately the point of them. to have an experience with a moment of beauty, and then to let it go.

i'm also trying to figure out how to make good coffee in our french press. sometimes i kill! sometimes i make caffeinated mud. it's all a process. we just moved. i feel like i've been in-the-process for a few months and i'm ready to be out the other side of this tube. i'd like everything to be unpacked, art on the walls, my studio to be ready, and the accounts and weddings to be pouring in. one of my favorite florists said something like "if you want to mess yourself up set a bunch of expectations and then expect them to make you happy."

anyway here are some flowers and my cat's butt.

z's butt