Post-valentines adrenal failure

If you're not good at making hand-held bouquets, commit to making 50 in 2 days. Buy $1800 worth of flowers on a prayer with no pre-orders. Take over your whole house with floral detrius. Beg your friends to spread the word. Feel full of tears–like up to the neck, full of 'em–at the response and support of all these people who order from you, tell their friends, give you feedback, offer to help. Fall in love with your boyfriend again (even more than usual) when he shows you how to make a multi-point pin-drop map with Google. Make something huge and beautiful to recharge yourself at the end of the 4-day insanity. Finally figure out how to use these crazy red/orange roses that you loved so much you bought 3 bunches, but struggled to incorporate (you pair them with ming, peachy roses, and some crazy-huge anthuriums and are really proud of this rando bouquet).

Incredibly, you do better than break even. You make money. You hope everyone loved their bouquet and felt like they got good value. You worry at night about whether you did your best work, even though you spent the whole weekend trying the hardest you've ever tried.

I learned a lot. Chiefly, that I can't do that again without a staff member. That after that much coffee (~100) I feel really sick and I have to switch to black tea (easier on my stomach). Deliveries are fun but also hard and expensive and I need to figure that out. Wine tastes really good after such a weekend, and when Ian makes me dinner and we cheers to love I want to cry with delight and relief and gratefulness.

I also learned that I have the best friends ever (learned again). They threw me a surprise party on the 15th, my real birthday, which frankly I was totally ignoring. I am full of love, and lucky in it.